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Adding password to Ruckus Wireless Mesh Network through ZoneDirector

Changing setting in Ruckus Wireless Mesh network is easy. Just login to ZoneDirector and start doing what you should do.

Last week, I encounter 1 case where end user wants to add a security to their existing Mesh network.

Here's the screenshot and a little explanation of what I have done.

1. Login to Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector
2.Click on Configure tab and then choose WLANs from selection menu (on the left)
3. Under WLANs, choose edit. (goto next screen)

4. Verify the ESSID
5. Under Authentication option, choose Authentication method. In most cases, it will be Open or Shared.
6. Under Encription choose other than None
7. Type your own Passphrase and click ok.


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