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Redmi Note 7. One of the world most wanted mid range Android smartphone.

Redmi Note 7 or Note 7 Pro has been announced officially last month.

If you don't know, this is the best selling model that Xiaomi had produced. In some region, Redmi Note is the best selling smartphone. This is probably because of its mid range specification with good performance and it is priced at almost an entry level.

Speaking about Redmi Note 7 design, it still retain the 2018 design Style. Although we believe Xiaomi can do better, it still an improvement compared to it's predecessor.

For Redmi Note 7, it's got dual Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Front and back. As for the side, the material is glossy plastic. Personally I believe, the choice of glossy plastic is to provide drop protection.

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ZKTeco X7 Standalone Fingerprint Access Control

I had a chance to install ZKTeco X7 Fingerprint last week.

Actually, a friend called and ask me to find a cheap fingerprint standalone controller. It takes few hours untill I decide to look in detail at ZKTeco X7.

Here in Malaysia it priced between RM250 to RM300 before discount. The cheapest I saw at lelong is RM199.

Well, I called my supplier and they give me a better price.

First, this device is small. In fact I think it is so small the first time I saw it.
When I first reading the specification, I really didn't bother to look at the dimention. I thought it will be around 200mm x 200mm.

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How to solve SHAREit connecting, sending and receiving issue on Android.

How to solve SHAREit connecting, sending and receiving issue on Android.

All information below is collected from the internet. I personally don't have big issue with SHAREit.

If you have problems with SHAREit, fell free to try the following solution 1 by 1.

From the comments that I've read, different phone have different way of solving their problems.

1. Turn on location service (GPS).
Some user solved only by doing this. I really don't understand why but according to them, it just work.

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How to setup SHAREit on Android and Windows.

All these while I've been using data cable to transfer data between my laptop and my smartphone.
The good thing about cable is that when the cable is connected then you're set to go.

Problem with cable is.. When you misplace them.

Until few days ago my friend told me that he had problem with SHAREit. A cross platform file transfer and sharing app.

So, I'm going to try this software and see the good about it.

My test will be limited for only 2 device which is between my Lenovo Ideapad 100s running Windows 10 and my Redmi Note 4 Android smartphone..

Let's get started.

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Problem After Update To Global Stable to my Redmi Note 4

Problem After Update To Global Stable to my Redmi Note 4 and the annoying Mi Cloud Sync Notificaton.

Miui 9.5 Stable has made my  Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon become unresponsive.

For that reason I had reset my Redmi Note 4 to factory default.
After the reset, my  phone performs as expected, fast and responsive. But after awhile it become unresponsive again. Most of the time the phone had a 1 to 3 second delay to perform certain task.

My first option is ….
Downgrade to older rom. The older rom never had this problem.

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MIUI V8.5.4.0.NCFMIED for Redmi Note 4 released

MIUI V8.5.4.0.NCFMIED for Redmi Note 4 released few days. This beta stable global rom is nased on Nougat 7.0 ang weighing 1.3GB.

On my Redmi Note 4, it took around 30 minutes to download the package over 4G.

Here's some screen shot.

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How to check Microsoft.Net Framework version on Windows 10 Home.

Here's  way to check Microsoft.Net version on Windows 10.

1. Use Windows Registry Editor
Click on the Windows Search and type regedit, press enter.
In the registry editor, go to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full
Your machine Microsoft.Net version is on the right side.

2. Use Raymondcc .Net Detector
This is very light application he developed to check Microsoft.Net version.
Check his blog post and download Raymondcc .Net Detector