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5 must have alarm sensor and detector for your home alarm systems.

Choosing home alarm system might give you a head ache. Some might be better than other in certain area and so does the other. Well, when it comes to what type of detection you need, I hope you didn't forget at least five type of detector you might need.

To secure your home, here's 5 must have alarm sensor and detector for your home alarm systems.

Door Contacts
This is the most conventional, most important and most practicle for most place. It require wiring bur doesn't require power supply. Door's and windows's is the best place for door contacts.

Motion Sensor
Respond to movement or warm bodied objects. This sensor uses pasive infrared or electromagnetic waves sensor to detect movement. Features added so that this motion sensor will ignore your pet. It's called Pet Immunity.

Break Glass Sensor
It detects high speed vibration such as drilling or glass breakage.

Smoke Detector
A very important fire detection and safety device. Detects airborne smoke and triggers an alarm. Your kitchen definitely need this.

Vibration Sensor
Detects vibration on window and door frames which may occur during unauthorised entry. It's not very practical to install it at a solid door. Install it at a door or window grills is advised.


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