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Choosing Between a PC laptop or Mac laptop

Almost everybody is aware of the heated feud between PC laptops and Macintosh laptops. Just type " Mac vs PC " in your favorite search engine and you will see a truckloads of results, ranging from the technical to the personal to the full on geek talk. A good amount of stereotypes exist on both sides of the fence. What or who then to believe and what to buy? Let's look at the debate from a impartial perspective.

First, laptops, be they from Macintosh or PC have evolved by leaps and bounds these past few years. Let's put aside old stereotypes and see things as they are, today. Nowadays, even Mac laptops are Intel based, which did a lot to help them become more compatible software-wise.
Mac computers still excel in multimedia and have
softwares that some think are better than anything available on PC computers. Macintosh laptops are also said to be simpler, more secure and is sold with more softwares out of the box. But is this still true? It may no longer be.

Indeed, Windows XP and, albeit less so Vista, is incredibly stable and Vista has much vaunted anti piracy features. If more viruses affect Windows computers it's because 90% of users use PC computers, often Windows based. It's a matter of proportionality...there are many anti viruses on the market that offer more than adequate protection for your laptop.

The question as to be asked: why is that 90% of users have PCs? Don't that tell us that consumers favor them over Macintosh computers? A lot of people take pride in owning a Macintosh and the whole thing has something almost cult like. But the fact are there: PC laptops are more accessible, financially and otherwise, than their Macintosh counterparts.

And let's not forget not all PCs are created equal. PC refers to just a system, but it includes an infinity of brands, software, hardware and applications. Macintosh is, it could be argued, is more akin to a marketing company than a computer manufacturer. It appeals to elitists and people who like to say they are different. Let's forget about the whole PC laptop VS Mac laptop debate. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you choose a Mac or PC laptop, but it matters that you choose a laptop that fits your needs, leaving behind brands and namesakes.

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