Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dowload Apple iPad and Apple iPhone Simulator for Windows

AIR iPhone
This iPhone Simulator only simulate basic interface of an iPhone, don't expect anything more than that. Which means you cannot install or test your application on it.

Only Ribbit and Safari(with very limited functionality) is working in this iPhone Silumator.

Download – AIR iPhone v3.60 (DesktopiPhone.air 4.1MB)

For more detail on AIR iPhone, go to

AIR iPad
This iPad Simulator also simulate basic interface of an iPad. The only application that works is
Safari - N Y Times only
Netflix - No TV Watching
Spatial Key

Download – AIR iPad (AIRiPad.air 1.3MB)

For more detail on AIR iPad, go to

Note: Both AIR iPhone and AIR iPad requires  Adobe Integrated Runtime
Download Adobe AIR 3.7 (17.1 MB)