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Abtus 60x60 Motorized Projector Screen Installation

This is the first time I did a projector screen installation job.

Ceiling Type Installation

The basis end user requirement is:
Ceiling Type Installation
60x60 Motorized Projector Screen
Wireless Remote Control

And this is what I supply to main contractor.
Abtus AB60x60-M Motorized Projector Screen
Wireless IR Remote Control
Come with Ceiling and wall bracket

Here are the Abtus Motorized Projector Screen feature.
Silent Motoring System
Quick, Easy Installation on both Wall and Ceiling Mount
Handy, Easy Operation
Abtus Projector Screen Controller
Sturdy Aluminum Case
Flame Retardant, Mildew Resistant
High Contrast Crisp Colour
Light Weight, Durable
Wireless Remote Control
Low Electricity Consumption

The installation process is easy. For me at least because the main contractor has taken care the projector ceiling installation.
Abtus Projector Screen Controller
I just need to fix the Projector Controller on the wall and do some cabling and wire connecting.
Here's the wiring diagram.
If you need the complete installation diagram, you can find the PDF file here.


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  2. the wiring diagram comes in black and white print.. sad, i am not color blind so i cant match what color goes to where. :(

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