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How to run Telnet Client or Telnet Server on Windows 7

To run Telnet client or Telnet server on Windows 7, you don't have to install additional software. On Windows 7, Telnet Client and Telnet Server services is already installed. It was just disabled by default.

To enable either one or both of them, here's the step:
1. Click Start then Control Panel
2. Click on Programs. Under Programs and Features, choose Turn Windows features on or off.
3. Scroll down on the Windows Features window until you found Telnet Client and Telnet Server. There's also TFTP Client below them. Just click on the Telnet Client or Telnet Server check box (same goes to TFTP Client) and click OK TO enable them.

You can now start using Telnet Client or Telnet Server or TFTP Client services on Windows 7.


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