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8 easy Ways to download video from youtube.

I will simply say youtube is the best online video sharing site ever created. It host millions of videos shared to almost everybody. Unfortunately, you can't simply download those video.

Well, if you think you need to download some of youtube video, here's 8 ways to do it.

1. - An online format converter. Able to read and convert youtube video to any format and allow you to download the converted video.

2. Youtubeloader - This is a Firefox plugin. Once installed and enabled, it will automatically reveal a download link exactly below the video. Require Greasemonkey installed and enabled.

3. - Just go to this website, enter or paste your youtube video address and click download. Java required.

4. - This site able to download video fron any site. Paste the video address, tick the agreement box, choose media type and click Get Files.

5. Freecorder 4. This is a free software that run within your browser. Able to download, record and convert video.

6. - Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It's free.

7. Kissyoutube. Just add the word "kiss" exactly before the word youtube and press enter (eg: It will then direct you to the download page. Java required.

8. - Another site with youtube video download utility.


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