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How to configure or setup Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as wireless broadband modem without Nokia PC Suite

- download the Nokia 5800 Cable Driver or Bluetooth Driver for Windows.
- Do not connect your phone with your computer yet.
- Install the Nokia 5800 Cable Driver or Bluetooth Driver.
- Once completed, connect your phone to your PC. Your PC will allocate the appropriate driver for Nokia 5800.

Verify the installation and connection
- make sure your phone and PC is connected through cable or Bluetooth.
- Start Microsoft Management Console (Computer Management).
- On Your Desktop, right click on My Computer and select Manage
- Under System Tools, click on Device Manager
- Now locate the installed Modem. It should be - Modems - Nokia 5800 USB Modem or Nokia 5800 Bluetooth Modem.

Modem Setting
- Do not exit from the Microsoft Management Console yet.
- Right click on the Nokia 5800 USB Modem or Bluetooth Modem and click properties.
- Select the Advanced tab and type in these command "AT+CGDCONT=,,"your provider APN"" in the Extra Initialization commands fields.
- Click OK, you can now exit from the Microsoft Management Console.

Connecting to the internet.
- Click Start and choose Connect To.
- Choose Set up a Connection or Network.
- Click on Setup a dial-up connection and click next
- For Dial-up phone number enter this no: *99#. Click connect.
You should be connected within seconds


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