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How to make a stylus pen for your iPhone or any capacitive touchscreen device.

Device like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Macbook, Blackberry 9500 Motorola Droid A885, Nexus One, Zune HD, Nokia N8 and HTC Droid is using capacitive touch screen. This screen input technology allow us to use our finger to receive input signal.

While it is a great way to use our finger as an input device, it is also the weakness of capacitive touchscreen technology. The capacitive touch screen only work with finger input and it will not work with any non conductive input unless you use a conductive material.

This is where the capacitive stylus pen comes in. It's available and it's cheap. Honestly, it's cheaper if you make it your self.

All you need is an unused pen, a copper wire and some conductive foam. And watch the video for complete how to.

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  1. I hope its touch screen is very sensitive. Video explaining very well about this device.
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