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Mafia Wars - Paris is Coming

Zynza has release new city in Mafia Wars Facebook. Paris is released but for a limited time only. As I wrote this article, there's 3 hours left before anybody can actually start Paris.

Mafia Wars - Challenge Mission - Paris - Steal the MonaLisa
What you need to start Paris Mafia Wars.
You need to add one more mafia members. You will not qualified until you recruit one more mafia members. Recruit mafia by inviting your friends or you can create another facebook and mafia wars account and recruit them.

What is it in Paris.
The job is called Challenge Mission. A wealthy art collector will hire you to steal the Mona Lisa. You need to complete 3 chapter with 3 jobs for each chapter.
By now if you go to Paris you will be given 5 Parisian Maps. You will get another 5 Parisian Maps after 24 hours. It will also given through doing jobs, fighting and robbing in other cities. You can also buy 14 Parisian Maps from Mafia Wars Marketplace for 10 Rewards Points.

Buy 14 Parisian Maps from MarketPlace for 10 Rewards Points
What you will get in Paris (Challenge Mission).
Ok. this is copied from Mafia Wars
Each Chapter that you complete of Challenge Mission: Paris will earn you an exclusive unique item. You'll need to master Chapter 1 before you can move on to Chapter 2, and so forth. Each item gets progressively more powerful, so you'll have to work hard to ensure that you get them all!
Chapter 1: Parisian Fixer, ATK 30 DEF 61
Chapter 2: French Kiss, ATK 75 DEF 45
Chapter 3: DaVinci Q415, ATK 63 DEF 103"


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