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PSP Keyboard: Is it right for you?

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) by Sony was first announced at 2003's E3 gaming convention, but wasn't officially released in North America until March of 2005. It's a hand held video game system that started off being a miniature PlayStation in much the same way that the Game Boy and DS are like miniature Nintendo consoles. Since the PSP's release, however, it's evolved into so much more allowing wireless internet access, being able to remotely access features and files stored on your PS3, and even acting as a mobile phone using Skype Internet Phone system! Despite all the cool new features of the PSP, hardcore gamers cry out for a specific peripheral that was promised to them since the handheld system came out several years ago: a PSP Keyboard!
Back when the PSP was first announced, Sony made the claim that they were going to put out a PSP keyboard for it that would also double as a screen protector. After a short while, a company called Logic announced they'd be creating the Logic 3, a keyboard made specifically for the PSP. It would connect to the PSP via its headphone jack and would allow gamers to type notes to themselves, as well as chat with one another while playing against each other (or with each other for co-op missions) via the wireless online game play. However, in 2006, Logic announced that they were canceling development of the keyboard, making the claim that Sony would not give them certain vital information they needed to know in order for the accessory to run smoothly and correctly.

Perhaps the reason for Sony not sharing such information is that they decided they could do the job themselves (and it will be more profitable as a whole rather than outsourcing the work). In 2008, Sony announced that they were in the process of perfecting a PSP keyboard which would have all the functionality of the one Logic 3 was going to create just two years earlier, and probably even more so! Sony has not release a whole lot of information regarding the new device in the works other than they are "looking at several designs, but can't tell you anything more specific". They've also set a release for the project as coming out in mid-2009.

For those who don't want to wait 6-9 more months for their PSP keyboard, TyDoPad has come up with a solution. They've come up with a modification hack to allow the PSP to be compatible with the Palm(one), a fold-up universal wireless keyboard.

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