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How to reset or reformat Nokia S60 mobile phone.

For the last few weeks, my Nokia 6630 has been acting strangely. It no longer prompt whenever a new message arrived. I have to regularly go to my inbox to check any new messages. I thought about reformat and reinstall S60 software on my Nokia 6630 handphone but that would be a lot of work.

Google is really a good search tool. I search for "Nokia 6630 reset" and it gives exactly what I want.

Here's a Nokia reset code.

*#7780# - Normal reset. This will restore system file to it's original setting. Your file and application will still be there. Trust me.. I have done this and it's all ok.
*#7370#- Hard reset. Reformat and restore original file in c: drive. As you can imagine, this will clean you c: drive mobile phone and restore the factory default software from ROM.

Note that, no PC connection or additional software is required.

After pressing the reset code, the phone will prompt for confirmation. Press yes and it ask for lock code. The default lock code for Nokia 6630 is 12345. I don't know about other Nokia model but you can always give it a try.

Luckily, after proceed with normal reset, my Nokia 6630 works as usual. Now, it will prompt me whenever new message arrive.


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