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Snippy for Windows XP. An alternative to Windows Vista Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is a great little program that come with Windows Vista. however Snipping Tool cannot run on Windows XP.

Snippy is a tiny little program has the basic function of Snipping Tool.
You will be able to copy an area of your screen with freehand or rectangular tool.
Snippy major drawback is that it doesn't preview your selection. To overcome that, you can use Windows Paint. I personally use Wordpad because I can paste many image in there and then copy whichever I want and paste it to Windows Paint, or I can just save it after preview it in Wordpad.

Snippy run only on Windows XP but earlier version of Windows with GDI+ installed should have no problem running Snippy.

Download Snippy.

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  1. XP user who want this tool badly, can use the “Screen Clipping Tool” if they installed “One Note from Microsoft’s Office 2007”. Shortcut is “Windows key + S”

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