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How to have multiple yahoo login in 1 pc

I was thinking about having multiple yahoo login concurrently since I have to share pc with my wife.

Google search give me a link to yahoo answers, and there's two solution to my problem.

First Solution
Use multiple browser. Well, the most popular browser will be Firefox and Internet Explorer. But,l what if my baby wants to check her email? Just add another browser. Opera or Safari web browser should do the job.

Second Solution
Only for Firefox 2. Install CookiePie Firefox Extension.
CookiePie is a Firefox extension that enables you to maintain different cookies storage in different tabs and windows.

How to use this extention?
- After you login to 1 yahoo mail account, open a new tab.
- Right click on the new tab and choose "Toogle On/Off Cookiepie. An icon will appear on the right side of that tab.

- go to yahoo mail and login with another account.
- To login with another account or 3rd account, just open another tab and login to yahoo mail.

If you have multiple user account for facebook, friendster or myspace, I think, cookiepie should be able to help.
Cookiepie works with Firefox version 2. Sadly it doesn't work with Firefox 3 RC1. Hope they'll do something about this.


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