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Packet Data Session Terminated by Network

It's been a month since I switch from Digi broadband to Maxis wireless broadband.
The Maxis Maxis Wireless Broadband package comes with ZTE MF600 HSDPA Wireless Access Terminal.

By the way, what I want to share is the error message that most of the time appear on my Firefox browser.

1. Packet Data Session Terminated by Network

2. Data Transfer Interrupted
The connection was interrupted while the page was loading.

3. Network Timeout
The server is taking too long to respond.

4. Address Not Found
Firefox can't find the server

5. Connection Interrupted
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

At first, I thought this is because I'm using Maxis Broadband since there's a lot of complain on their service, but after doing some research, I found that other wireless broadband service provider also share the same problem.

But, I never had those error message while using Digi broadband. That's make me think.. is it because of 3G technology or is it because of Digi?


  1. About your "Data Transfer Interrupted" problem: please take a look at . If you believe that your problem is related, please register at Bugzilla and vote for this bug so that someone will notice it and fix it. One site I can always reproduce this error on is .

  2. thanks fr the info cuppettcj, I'm having the same problems above. Get fedup already..