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Mozilla has released Firefox 3 Beta 4

The beta version can be download from Mozilla's beta download page and available in 40 languages.

As usual, Mozilla has messages for testers.
Firefox 3 Beta 4
Mozilla has released Firefox 3 Beta 4 for testing purposes today.

* Just start typing in the Location Bar to search your bookmarks and history. It adapts and learns as you use it.
* Pause and resume your downloads, and search through your download history by file or website name using the new Download Manager.
* Find out who you're talking to by clicking on the website icon.
* Experience the fastest Firefox ever — twice to three times as fast on today's complex web applications like Google Mail or Zoho Office.

Web Developers
* Try out the improved CSS support in Firefox 3.
* Test your site with the new DOM improvements, including support for extensions to the DOM added by other browsers.
* Add power to your web applications with JavaScript 1.8, included in Firefox 3.
* Find out how to take advantage of these new features with this guide.

Extention Developers
* Use the new FUEL library to simplify many of your most common tasks.
* Experiment with the new Places API, a massive simplification to our history and bookmark platform, providing significantly more functionality and performance.
* Check out all the Improvements to XUL in Firefox 3.
* Be sure to look at all the details in our documentation for extension developers.


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