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How to configure D-Link DWL-2100AP as an AP Repeater ....

I just complete the configuration for D-Link Xtreme G DI-624 as an Access Point and D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-2100AP as a AP Repeater. It took me sometime to make it work as I try a different setting to find out what's work and what's not. As for now, I'll stay with the configuration below.

Configure D-Link Xtreme G DI-624 as an Access Point.
This D-Link DI-624 come with 4 ethernet port, just connect a network cable to one of these port to your switch and it connected to your LAN.

1. Select Wireless Menu
Open your browser and go to Type admin as username, leave the password blank on the login screen and click ok.
In the left panel, select Wireless to open the Wireless Settings.

2. Change SSID
Replace the SSID the familiar term to you. I use azm for this setting.

3. Security Setting
For Security, select WEP. Select Shared Key for Authentication and type in your key.
For this example I use Key1:1111111111
Then click Apply.

D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-2100AP as a Repeater
It is recommended to make a direct wired connection from your pc to DWL-2100AP.

Also make sure the D-Link DI-624 is on and in range.

1. Select Wireless Menu
Open your browser and go to Type admin as username, leave the password blank on the login screen and click ok.
In the left panel, select Wireless to open the Wireless Settings.

2. Change Mode
For Mode, choose Ap Repeater

3. Security Setting
Choose Shared Key for Authentication
Under Key Setting, type in 1111111111 for First Key

4. Site Survey

Under Site Survey, click Scan button. After a while a list of available wireless Access Point will appear.
Select the SSID you just configure on the D-Link DI-624, in my case, it's azm
Click on apply.

Configure Client PC
Put the DI-624 and the DWL-2100AP at your preferred location. In my case, the DI-624 is in building A and connected to other switch so that it will have access to my wired LAN.
The DWL-2100AP is located in building B together with one pc with wireless adapter.

On the client pc, scan for available wireless network and choose your preferred network.

You should be able to browse and access the entire network.


  1. Hi!
    I´ve seen your post and I´ve the same configuration but I'd like to know what firmware version do you have.

  2. Hi pedro, I have update this DWL-2100AP with the latest firmware as of this post. tq

  3. Hey, i have the IP 192 168 0.1 and i'm stuck on the user name and pass, i've tried blank and admin but none work. How do i find out the info i need?

  4. worst case, you will need to reset your device

  5. Ok it works as a repeater but I could not ping the main AP and I could not get IP from the DHCP server so it works as a Wall between me and the whole network???

  6. is not opening on my browser if u can tell me some other to open the source i am using this with Shirio Modem.
    Tell Me On

  7. Aryan,for Shiro modem, try For username and password, use admin. I get this info from Shiro website. Go to support and download the user guide.

  8. What if I have a Netgear wireless router? Will my D-Link wireless router also work with it as a repeater??

  9. Hi
    I tried using DWL-2100AP to repeat Nanostation2 but it did not work, but it worked with linksys, please does it mean dwl-2100ap is not compatible with nanostation2?

  10. i want to adding the repeater 2100AP to wireless network (DES 1228 + 3140 APs) to improve signal, i don't find problem with this solution?

  11. While configuring an Access Point all we need to take care are the SSID, Authentication key and wireless channel. We should use the same details for the transmission of an uninterrupted signal.

  12. Hi i have a D-Link DWL-2100AP, i want to set it a as a Universal AP, i already put in a static ip, and i did a site survey, i synchronized the network, but if i plug in the lan from the router, it does not receive a ip adress. it dhows unidentified network.

    Please advice a.s.a.p


  13. the the not bring the configuration page, ican only see page on maintainance is it because im on line?

  14. DWL2100 doesn't forward IP addresses from DHCP, is that a bug?? I don't want to enable DHCP server on the AP.

  15. Hi All,
    i make a reset after configure my wireless DWL-2100AP now i can't connect on it though the IP of
    can someone help me please thnks
    or email on

  16. I have problem with my DWL-2100AP, after I make a configure in this manual...The DWL-2100AP don't response any ping...I made a reset to factory config, but problem doesn't gone. Any Idea?

  17. Works great. Thank you for your manual.

  18. Can't seem to connect via the LAN cable once the repeater mode is enabled. Is there any way around this?

  19. to connect dwl 2100 through LAN. Give your lan card the ip Now in the browser it will open with the address

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