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How to setup wireless network with WL830RT4 Wireless G Broadband Router ....

Last week my friend asks me to setup a local area network at his new office.

A visit to his office and found that he have 3 pc, 1 ADSL router connect to one of the pc.

After some discussion, he agreed to go for wireless network.

So... I went to local IT store and grab these.
1. WL230USB Wireless Adapter.
2. WL830RT4 Wireless G Broadband Router.

First, installing the WL230USB Wireless Adapter

The installation is easy. Just connect it to any free USB port and it will ask for the driver which is on the supplied CD.

The WL830RT4 Wireless G Broadband Router
Unpack everything. Fix the antenna to the main unit and power it up.

By this time the basic wireless network is ready and working. I go to one of the pc and the wireless connection already connected to YOURHOMENETWORK.

Next, Securing Your Wireless Network

It’s quite straight forward. Just follow the Easy Start Guide supplied in the Resource CD.

1. Select Wireless Menu
Open your browser and go to Type admin for username and password on the login screen.
In the left pane under Basic Setting, select Wireless to open the Wireless Setting.

2. Change Ssid
Replace the SSID to more familiar term to you. SSID means Service Set Identifier. This is the name that identifies your network.

3. Apply Security
Deselect Enable SSID Broadcast.
Select Enable Wireless Security.
For Security Type, select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, enter a PSK Passphrase composed of letter, numbers, or a combination.
Write down the SSID and the passphrase. You need this for client configuration. Then click save.

The internet connection
The ADSL router already configured to always connect to the internet. Things are easier for me when I found that the ADSL router ip address is

Connect the ADSL router to the WL830RT4 Wireless G Broadband Router
Using an Ethernet cable, connect the ADSL router Ethernet port to one of the WL830RT4 Ethernet port.

Finally, Client Configuration
1. Right click My Network Places and choose Properties

2.Right click Wireless Network Connection and choose Properties

3.Double click on TCP/IP , click the Use the following IP address
IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Preferred DNS Server
Alternate DNS Server
Click ok.

4. Select the Wireless Networks tab.
Under Preferred network, choose Add..
Network name (SSID) : enter the ssid you write down before.
Network Authentication : WPA-PSK
Data encryption : AES
Network key : enter the passphrase
Confirm network key : retype passphrase

5. Click ok to close the network properties.

6.To configure other client, I just repeat the Client Configuration process but with different IP address.

That’s it. And it works. The internet and file sharing.


  1. have you tried using utorrent or any bittorrent on this router?

    I have problem with the download speed with this router.Cannot connect the incoming port!

  2. Haven't try that yet, Have you check the router firewall setting?

  3. Hi,

    I have tried the configuration but it couldn't work. Which one to use PPPoE, Dynamic IP or Static IP. Thanks.

  4. In my case, all configuration use Static IP.

    For the WAN configuration, I've already configure the broadband modem so that it will connect automatically.
    Otherwise you will have to do the PPPoE configuration namually under WAN section

  5. This hack is based on a secuirty exploit of the router's default password and the stupidity of the user.Explanation: when somebody buy's a xDSL/Cabel router, the router is set to manufactory defaults like IP range, user accounts, router table, and most important the security level. The last one we will exploit.Most routers will have a user friendly setup menu running on port 23 (telnet) and sometimes port 80 (http) or both.

    Most routers have connection log capability so the last thing you want to do is making a connection with your own broadband connection so use a anonymouse proxy server or dailup connection with a fake name and address (56.9 modem for example) when connection to the victim's router.

    Beware on most routers only one person can be loget on simultaneous in the router setupmenu.Don't change anything in the router if you don't know what you are doing.

  6. Actually is not so hard to configurate the wifi and modem settings. All you need to do RESET both modem and WIFI. Make sure your Modem Ethernet is connect to WIFI INTERNET / WAN not LAN.

    Follow this steps:
    1.As usual, power on .... blah blah. Open IE and type in the address column.(Both modem and WIFI IP address are the same, but this situation it will connect to the WIFI first before the modem.)
    username :admin password: admin.

    In here got 2 way to setting up the WIFI setting. Easy way and Hard way. I prefer HARD WAY for better connection.

    2. Find NETWORK - LAN. Set the IP Address to About the subnet, you don't need to do anything at all. Preset After save and reboot, the WIFI new IP Address become

    3.Same place - WAN. Change the WAN Connection Type to STATIC IP
    IP address :
    Subnet Mask :
    Default Gateway :

    MTU Size (in bytes): 1400~1500. (is up to you) I'm set to 1400.

    Primary DNS :
    Secondary DNS :


    SSID : Any name as you like.
    Region : You know it. Don't need me to teach you.
    Channel : Any number you like
    Mode : Of course THE BIGGEST NUMBER

    Wireless Router Radio : Want to use WIRELESSLY, then tick lah.
    SSID Broadcast : Want to SHOWOFF you have WIFI, then tick lo.
    Wireless Security : So kind to let people using Free internet, then UNTICK lo.

    To those whom is EXPERT IN WIRELESS SECURITY, suit yourself.
    To those noob, go to tall building then JUMP. Survived, then Good la.

    Security Type : WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    Security Option : WPA-PSK
    Encryption : TKIP
    PSK Passphrase : Anything you like
    Group Key Update Period : 0 (If you lazy to change password frequently.)

    Until here you are totally SAVE from any noob class intruder. More advanced setting, also have but lazy to explain.

    After finished setting the WIFI and now your WIFI IP Address becoming So now, you need to setting your modem by type back The modem setting much more easy. Do as usually you do. So don't need to explain. So overall, Your can access your modem via WIFI WAN. and all your PCs and laptop can surf smoothly without any headache.

  7. damn, ive been configuring my fucking router for about 2 days until i come across your blog!!! well its help me alot...
    finally now i got it done with your details explanation!!!

    thanks alot dude

    QUOTE="To those noob, go to tall building then JUMP. Survived, then Good la."

    ---> LOL <---

  8. QUOTE= Actually is not so hard to configurate the wifi and modem settings. All you need to do RESET both modem and WIFI. Make sure your Modem Ethernet is connect to WIFI INTERNET / WAN not LAN. QUOTE END

    hey dude...
    i had followed your step...
    n its really work.
    now i can connect to the internet n download files!
    but the only problem im facing now is i couldnt log in to my messenger!

    but when i use without my wireless router n just my broadband modem, its work fine i can log into my msn messenger!

    i tried using my lap top instead of my destop but i still face the same problem!

    pls help,
    thanks in advance

  9. how to get psk passphrase if we forgot it?