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How I setup Nokia 6630 as DIGI broadband modem

My wife ask me to install Vista Ultimate on our home pc . After successfully make dual boot with Windows Xp. The first thing to do is to set up my internet connection.

I use Nokia 6630 and DIGI as my service provider and DKU-2 USB cable For PC to phone connectivity .

- download the Nokia Cable Driver for Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
- Do not connect your phone with your computer yet.
- Install the Nokia Cable Driver.
- After successfully install the Nokia Connectivity Cable driver, connect the cable between your phone and the pc. Your pc will allocate
the appropriate driver for Nokia 6630.

Verify the installation and connection
- make sure the DKU-2 cable is connected to your phone and pc.
- Start Microsoft Management Console (Conputer Management).
- On Your Desktop, right click on My Computer and select Manage
- Under System Tools, click on Device Manager
- Look at the last item on the device list (right column), you should see

Wireless Communication Devices
click the + sign and you will see this list.
Nokia 6630 USB Generic
Nokia 6630 USB OBEX

Nokia 6630 USB OBEX

Nokia 6630 USB Phone Parent

Now locate the Modems (somewhere in the middle) and click the + sign.
It should be
Nokia 6630 USB Modem.

Modem Setting
- Do not exit from the Microsoft Management Console yet.
- Right click on the Nokia 6630 USB Modem and click properties.
- Select the Advanced tab and type in these command "AT+CGDCONT=,,"diginet"" in the Extra Initialization commands fields.
- Click OK, you can now exit from the Microsoft Management Console.

Connecting to the internet.
- Click Start and choose Connect To.
- Choose Set up a Connection or Network.
- Click on Setup a dial-up connection and click next
- For Dial-up phone number enter this no: *99#. Click connect.
- You should be connected within seconds.


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