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Update my Xperia Mini Pro SK17i to ICS (Android 4.0.4)

Finally, Sony released ICS update for Xperia Mini Pro SK17i. I had manage to complete the ICS update through Sony PC Companion 2.1.

If you plan to update your Xperia Mini Pro, it is recommended to backup your data first but it's not mandatory since personal data will be kept. Settings and personal data is not effected.

Here's some of the screenshot during the update process.


  1. You told to backup our data first then proceed and then told that setting and personal data is not effected, there must be some feature which will not allow the data effected.
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  2. Yes. I recommend to backup in case anything happened during the upgrade process.

  3. i cant upgrade my sk17i pc campanion keeps giving me this error : installation error "unable to install or start phone software update components"

  4. Make sure PC Companion update is done. Can you try it on another PC?

  5. I tried in 2 PCs, one is windows 7 and windows XP-SP3, also I updated the JRE 1.7 in both PCs, but I still have the error: "unable to install or start phone software update components" , could you please help me?, BTW, this happens in step2 preparing the PC.


  6. I've done the update... but my xperia mini pro sk17i is now "blocking" frequently!!!! And it's slower and not so smoothly as it was before... how can I solve this problem????

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