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Basic Standalone Door Access Control System

Door access control system is widely used as an additional security for a certain area. This article explain the function of Basic Standalone Door Access Control System component.

Main Component
Controller / Keypad / Reader
Lock Mechanism
Exit push button
Power Supply 

Optional Component
Door sensor
Manual keyswitch
Emergency Break Glass 

Controller / Keypad / Reader
This is the heart of the system. This unit serve as a controller, keypad or proximity reader. Connected to power supply, push button, lock mechanism, keyswitch and emergency break glass.

Lock Mechanism
This is the one most important component of door access control system. It keeps the door lock and other component help us on how we want it to open. There's several type of lock mechanism. Electromagnetic lock is the most common and widely used.

Exit Push Button/Release Button
This button when pressed will released the door lock. In most cases, it is located near the exit door or at the receptionist workstation (office).

Power supply
Most standalone access control system using 12 volt power supply. 12V power adaptor is widely used. However, it is recommended to use power supply unit that come with backup battery. The battery will be very useful when power blackout occurs, the backup battery will continue to power up the door access security system for at least a few hours.

Door Sensor
Some door didn't automatically closed after we released or open it. The requirement or the idea of having the door sensor is to alert us when the door is opened too long. The controller should atleast produced a beeping sound when the door remain open exceeding allowed time.

Manual Keyswitch
Installed beside keypad/reader. The main function is to open and close power circuit to door lock mechanism. In some situation where overiding is needed, this keyswitch is very useful.

Emergency Break Glass
Emergency might occur at any time. By breaking the glass on this component, it will cut the power supply to the door lock mechanism immediately. Emergency Break Glass come with a release key that seldomly used in real situation.