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Nokia C3 - A quite nice budget S40 messaging phone

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Nokia has respond to market that need a budget messaging phone. Messaging, internet, facebook is most common usage these day. For those with low income but can't get away with sms, internet or facebook, Nokia C3 might just suite them.

Nokia C3 run the old but stable S40 platform. In order to make it more user friendly, Nokia has update the interface to follow S60 platform which is a very good move. It has a qwerty keyboard which is good for messaging. That's why they launched this device in Indonesia where blackberry is so popular among teenagers.

Nokia C3 only packed with EDGE. So, it's not impressive for mobile internet. But the presence of WiFi module gives a huge boost to this device. There's a lot of free WiFi hotspot that won't drain your pocket for data usage.

Camera is just 2 megapixel with quite a lot of noise compared to digital camera. But if you just want to snap some photo's and upload them to facebook, it will serve you just fine.

Radio is there if you need it. Nokia C3 has 55MB internal memory and expandable up to 8GB with micro SD card.

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