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How to install Directx 10 on Windows XP

DirectX 10 features advanced 3-D graphics-rendering capabilities and helps improve your computer's performance in games and high-end 3-D applications for Windows Vista. However Directx 10 can also installed on Windows XP although some users has reported a game compatibility issue after installing directx 10 on Windows XP.

In reality, Directx 9 in enough for Windows XP but if really need Directx 10 on your Windows XP you can proceed with download and install Directx 10 on Windows XP

First.. download Directx 10 for Windows XP
Goto or to download Directx 10 for Windows XP

Next.. Installing Directx 10 for Windows XP
Double click the file you've download

Click next on Directx 10 Setup Wizard

Click Next on the information screen
Click Next again to start Directx 10 installation

Finally.. When the installation finish, click on the Run Directx Diag and click Finish to run Directx Diagnostic Tool

From the Directx Diagnostic Tool Screen, you can confirm Directx 10 is installed on your Windows XP


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