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Victoria Wireless Alarm System - Ok but not recommended

I had 2 client using this Victoria Wireless Alarm System. It's a quick and easy solution if you want to avoid cabling and need faster installation.

It has 8 wireless protection zone with 2 zone which can be wired. However, if you have more than 8 wireless area to protect, just add more sensor(with transmitter) and set them using the same address.

The auto dialer can be set to call up to 4 phone number which will allow user to arm and disarm this system with their phone.

Remote control is provided. With the remote control, you can
- activate the siren when needed.
- activate the auto dialer silently (without the siren)

The standard package come with:
1 control unit with backup battery
2 remote control
2 magnetic wireless transmitter
1 power adapter

Other Victoria Wireless Alarm System accessories is Wireless Gas detector, Wireless Smoke detector and Wireless Motion Detector.

Basically any alarm sensor will work with this system. All you need to do is connect the sensor with a compatible wireless transmitter.

Based on my experience, the Wireless Motion Detector is not very good. Sometimes it very sensitive, sometimes it's not sensing. So, not recommended. even my supplier told me that.

Other issue, could be on the transmitter. If it eat up battery power too fast, then it must be something wrong.


  1. I have one Victoria wireless burglar alarm system installed in my house.

    But I cannot program the auto dialling system.
    To open the code 1234, as soon as I press## the telephone company's voice says: "This number is not valid, please check your number"

    I am in India.

    I shall be extremely grateful to you if you could kindly advise me how to proceed.

    Thanks and regards.


  2. Wireless alarm system is a device with no cables. It is easier and convenient to use. But be sure the alarm system is functioning well.

  3. Hi! I'm using this model for my house burglar alarm system. I need help as I'm facing the problem after changing my house phone no.

    I use this new phone for calling, faxing and alarm function. Is this ok for the alarm operation to be worked fine?

    And, I did't do any setting yet after changing this new no. Meaning that, when there's a siren, the auto dialer system wont call out to the mobile no that i have set before.

    Please advise me what should I do on my system, thanks!


  4. It still working fine if you share the phone line. But for security and safety reason, I advise you to use a dedicated line to your alarm system.

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  6. One very important element of having an alarm system in the house is those stickers and little signs on houses already equipped with one. More often than not, these signs have a psychological effect on potential home invaders that may help you even you ward them off even when you have forgotten to turn the system on.

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  13. Will Victoria Wireless Alarm System be affected in the event of a power outage or network disconnection?