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Mafia Wars Facebook tips - Mafia Wars Loot Item.

mafia wars. Rob an electronic store and you gained a Concealable Camera
How and where to get them:

Here's the list of job and loot item you can get by doing jobs in New York under Street Thug, Associate, Soldier Enforcer and Hitman. Remember, some item requires you to do jobs over and over again. Just keep doing it until you get the item.

Street Thug (Levels 1 - 4)

Beat Up Rival Gangster - Loot item: .22 Pistol

Rob a Pimp - Loot item: 9mm Semi-Automatic

Associate(Levels 5 - 8)

Collect Protection Money - Loot item: Butterfly Knife

Rough Up Dealers - Loot item: Brass Knuckles

Take Out a Rogue Cop - Loot item: .45 Revolver

Perform a Hit - Loot item: Tactical Shotgun

Soldier(Levels 9 - 12)

Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout - Loot item: C4

Kill a Protected Snitch - Loot item: Stab-Proof Vest

Bust a Made Man Out of Prison - Loot item: Automatic Rifle

Fight a Haitian Gang - Loot item: Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Clip the Irish Mob's Local Enforcer - Loot item: Lucky Shamrock Medallion

Steal a Tanker Truck - Loot item: Firebomb

Enforcer(Levels 13 - 17)

Smuggle Across the Border - Loot item: Armored Truck

Rob an Electronics Store - Loot item: Concealable Camera, Computer Set-Up, Untraceable Cell Phone

Hitman(Levels 18 - 24)

Repel the Yakuza - Loot item: Grenade Launcher

Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring - Loot item: .50 Caliber Rifle

Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood - Loot item: Armored Car

Sell Guns to the Russian Mob - Loot item: RPG Launcher

Protect your City against a Rival Family - Loot item: Bodyguards

Assassinate a Political Figure - Loot item: Night Vision Goggles

Exterminate a Rival Family - Loot item Loot item: Napalm

Obtain Compromising Photos - Loot item: Blackmail Photos


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