Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Facebook Mafia Wars

Facebook Mafia Wars is one of the biggest social network games, on the internet. Facebook Mafia Wars has become an extremely rage popular game around the world. It is a lifestyle for millions of players than just a game.

Connecting Facebook friends into “mobs” is the main focus of the game. Start to attack other mobs in the game after the connection.

In order to do down, there lay several paths. It gives totally a different experience for each person in the game.

Massive size of mafia is necessary to increase the points. It is also important to have great weapons from the start of the day. Godfather rewards the points.

There are various attributes like attack, defense and energy that gets increased with the help of the points. Your game reaches highest level with the help of the Mafia Wars .

The strategy of Mafia Wars helps in the growth and wealth of the mob family.

To play game some tactics are followed. Friends are needed to be annoyed constantly to join the game. Send invitations daily to your friends and families to play games. In Facebook, link formation can be made in ay one of the ‘add me’ pages.

Network with thousand of players can be there on this page. Carry out reciprocation when players join mob family. The players of Mafia War can be member of more than one mob.

The most important fact to be note down by the family members are self defense. Initially, the funds will be found to be slow. It is the duty of the boss to focus on the growing wealth of the family. The defensive tools are necessary to be made sure by the boss in order to take care of the family.

Another better option to win the game is to save the energy. Use energy packs only when there is need for it and not at all time.

The often strategies helps in the advancement of the Facebook Mafia Wars game. Stronger and wealthier mob can be build up by them. As wealth gets accumulated by the family, the boss needs to purchase more weapons for the family.

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