Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate is soon to be released.

The Firefox 3.5b99
Mozilla has released the last beta version of Firefox 3.5. The Firefox 3.5b99 is an update to Firefox 3.5Beta4. After this, Mozilla will release Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate.

Firefox 3.5b99 has received few major changes since 3.5Beta4. Here's the major update.

- Use the new Private Browsing Mode and the updated Clear Recent History function (in the Tools menu) to keep your browsing habits a secret.

- Tear tabs off the tab bar to create new windows, and drag and drop them from one Firefox window to another.

- Watch a video in your browser without needing any plugins or external media players.

- Control the Smart Location Bar results with special characters.

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