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Zune HD is better than Ipod Touch?

There's a rumour floating around that Zune HD will be release sometime in November this year.
The rumoured Zune HD will spot a multi-touch OLED 3.6 inches screen plus a mini HDMI TV out, HD radio and support wireless sync. It will powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3D chip. The new Zune HD will also support 3D Xbox games.

So, with all that combination and if all the rumour are true, could the new Zune HD become the best portable music player on the market? Let's wait and see.

Here's the Zune HD specifications
- Multi-touch OLED screen
- 16:9 aspect ratio
- TV out
- HDMI port
- Support for 3D Xbox games
- HD Radio
- HD media playback
- 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB versions
- Support for wireless sync
- Web browser
- NVIDIA Tegra powered
- Screen size: 3.6 inches

Personally, I hope the romour is true because if it's not, I'm going to get myself an Ipod Touch.


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