Thursday, April 30, 2009

How To Put Music On Zune Player – Download Unlimited Zune Music

If you have just acquired your Zune player and are just excited to use it, here are the ways on how to put music on your Zune.

1. Rip from a CD. Insert the disc to your computer and access the list of songs in the windows media player. Choose the songs you want and select the rip option which would then appear on the media player library.

Once you connect the Zune player via USB cable, it will by default automatically synchronize with the songs in the library and download them. Remember that the only music formats that the Zune player supports are WMA, WMV, MP3, MP4 and MOV.

2. Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace. Just like a real marketplace, you may purchase songs for 79 Microsoft points each or get a subscription every month for unlimited download. Microsoft points are also purchased and as for the subscription, once it expires the songs will too.
3. Web stores. Aside from the Zune Marketplace, there are also sites such as itunes and Napster to get music for your Zune player. You can also pay for a membership on Zune music download sites, a good example of which is Zreactor.

These zune download sites allows you to download unlimited Zune music for a one time fee. Besides zune music, you can also download unlimited Zune movies, games and much more. The cost is affordable, usually costing less than 50 bucks. The download speeds are fast and they have a huge selection of zune media files to download.

4. Wireless transfer of songs from another user or you can also use guest sync after connecting your Zune into another computer.

By the way, always update your Zune firmware. This ensures that your player gets all the latest features as well as improves power management of your Zune player.

Learn how to put music on zune. Discover where to download music for zune online.

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