Sunday, March 8, 2009

SIS 900 Windows XP driver works on Windows 7.

I have installed Windows 7 on my P4 machine. Using P4S-800MX SE Asus motherboard, Everything works fine except for SIS 900 built-in network adapter.
Since there's no SIS 900 driver for Vista and Windows 7, I decided to try SIS 900 for Windows XP driver which I download from SIS website. Surprisingly it works.
So, I believe if somehow something didn't work on your Windows 7 due to driver availability, you can always try the previous version. It worth trying it.

To download Windows XP driver for SiS 900 Network adapter , go to:

Step 1, choose Windows XP
Step 2, choose Network Driver
Step 3, choose SiS 900 Integrated SiS LAN. Click Go button and proceed to download the driver.

 To install the driver:
- Extract SiS 900  Windows XP driver
- Go to Device Manager
- Right click the "unknown ethernet adapter" and choose Update Driver
- Select "Browse My Computer" and locate the extracted SiS 900 Windows XP driver.