Monday, March 2, 2009

Download Winamp Media Player 5.55

Nullsoft Inc. has released it's latest version of Winamp. Winamp Media Player 5.5. Personally I would use Winamp for audio listening and sometimes for movie. Although I prefer VLC Media Player for movie viewing.

The latest Winamp Media Player features a :
* Improved iPod Sync Support
* New iTunesLibrary Import
* New Online Services Gallery
* New OurStage Radio Online Services
* New Spinner MP3 of the Day Online Service
* New Turkish, Romanian, and Portuguese Language Packs

Download Winamp Medial Player 5.5
Winamp 5.55 Full (US English version)
Winamp 5.55 Full (Multi-national installer)*
Winamp 5.55 Pro (Multi-national version, asks for key during install)*
Winamp 5.55 Lite (basic 2.x-style mp3/cd player)

If you choose to use Winamp Pro, pay 19.95 and you will get additional feature that allows you to
- Burn CDs Faster - Up to 48x
- Rip/Encode Music into aacPlus, AAC, MP3, and WMA
- Faster, Unlimited Ripping - Up to 48x

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