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Windows 7 Beta is now available for download.

Yes, finally Windows 7 Beta is available for download. And its free.
If you're a subscriber of Technet or MSDN, you should be able to download Windows 7 by now. For the rest of the world, we will have to wait until Friday. Well, it just a few hours away.

Free Download Windows 7 BetaSteve Ballmer has announced at CES that the Windows 7 Beta will available as a free public download. But the download slot is limited to 2.5 million download only. So.. you have to hurry.
If you're out of luck, don't worry. You can also get a copy from torrent site.
According to Microsoft " Windows 7 is designed to make everyday tasks faster and easier, and make new things possible for end users. When released to the market, Windows 7 delivers the fundamental performance, reliability and security features that people expect".

I hope they're right.


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