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A Plasma Screen TV May Still Be the Best Choice

Even with LCDs dominating the HDTV market, Plasma continues to be a formidable opponent. Contrary of what most people believe Plasma is still the best choice especially for those that do not settle with anything other than the best.

In recent years we have seen a boom in the HDTV market. New technologies have been further developed and adapted to be able to withstand the high technical demands of High Definition Television. We have seen the birth of newer technologies like LCoS and the demise of CRT and rear projectors. Still, the two technologies that continue to reign the world of digital High Definition Television are Plasma and Liquid Crystal Display currently known as LCD.

In its early years the Plasma screen TV was delicate, expensive and an unreliable investment but, impressive enough to an extent that to a large amount people Plasma is a synonym to the phrase High Definition Television set. LCD equipped HDTVs gave an option to the consumer; a cheaper longer lasting alternative to Plasmas early failures. These improvements gave LCD television sets the push they needed to become successful in the world of High-Def.However, Plasma technology continued to be developed and improved. Plasma screen TVs are more reliable and longer lasting that they where in the past. Their bright colors and darker more defined blacks still cannot be matched by any LCD equipped television set, contrary of what their manufacturers claim. The short lifespan that this technology used to have, thanks to the efforts of manufactures and developers of this type of display has been expanded to more than 17 years making them a solid addition to home theaters. The only real advantages that LCD HDTVs have over Plasma screen TVs right now are a cheaper price and lower power consumption.

Despite the lower popularity of Plasma screen TVs these days they are still considered the best choice when it comes to image quality especially when it comes to big screens where LCDs struggle to give a satisfying performance. In addition, they look good even in rooms where ambient light is not optimal.
Never underestimate how upgrading to a Plasma HDTV set would further enhance your viewing experience. It is the best available option for video games, watching movies and fast action sports.

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