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HDTV LCD TV - A Better Glimpse!

By Franklin Kern

Just several weeks before, me and my friends, Ken, Jim, Bret and Sally, were on the verge of determining as to where we should watch a big game. If you look at the location of our houses, Ken's house would be at the advantage because of the fact that it is situated in the center. Said house is 5 miles away from my home while from Jim's house and Bret and Sally's house, it is 6 miles and 12 miles away respectively. Nevertheless, Ken just became a father, thus, we wouldn't much enjoy our viewing due to disruption that the baby's recurrent crying might cause.

Jim came up with a suggestion and that is to watch the big game at the house of Bret and Sally. It may be a good idea as the two have in their house a HDTV LCD TV. The problem, however, is the fact they love along the borders, hence, they are distant from everyone. Also, they are terrible house cleaners which might cause severe allergic reactions since several of us are sensitive to mold. We wouldn't want our watching of the game be disturbed by such fact!

After the foregoing discussion, we finally came up with a decision. We might as well view the big game at my house. Like Bret and Sally, I also have in my house a HDTV LCD TV except that the same is not rather as pristine and spiffy as the HDTV LCD TV of the two. Perhaps, my friends prefer to watch the big inside my house due to the fact that I, at all times, provide the finest snacks and that the house can abundantly accommodate us.

Because of the fact that the day of watching the big game is fast approaching, I had bought new speakers to be used for my HDTV LCD Television. The said speakers supplemented high resolution image of my television by adding to it a high definition surround sound. The big game day came and my friends turned up early, hence, we were able to do some small talk while drinking beer. At last, the hour for which we are to watch the big game has arrived. While our ever expected big game was being shown on the HDTV LCD TV, we experienced as if we were also involved in the action. The team we always support were scoring ahead, thus, we were so up to our energetic mood.

In a professional football, the things occurring are rapidly changing and this was one of the concerns. Halfway to the end of the game, the team we seek to win scored behind for seven points. Consequently, we were all lively and cheering pretty deafeningly to support our team while still watching the huge image of the game on the HDTV LCD Television. When the moment for the halftime break arrived, we were so delighted that we could take some more food and drinks.

When we returned, our team was trying to get back to the game and take the lead. All of us were yelling and shrieking as we view the high definition image of the game in splendid colors which actually inundates the television. The teams continued to battle for the win, yet; at long last, the winning team that prevailed over the other is none other than our team.

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