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10 best entertainment software for your iPhone

1. PocketGuitar
If you've ever wondered if you could play guitar with your iPhone, it just became possible. Enter PocketGuitar. Shinya Kastanis PocketGuitar lets you play acoustic, classical, electric, muted electric, bass, and ukulele from its very intuitive interface. The app also boasts distortion, delay, and chorus effects that you can apply to the instrument to create all sorts of sonic landscapes. There is an accelerometer effect which acts like a virtual whammy bar to change the pitch. The app also has the ability to place the instrument in alternate tunings. If your virtual guitar gig requires a tuning not listed by the default, you can create your own custom tuning by selecting the custom tuning option.

2. Pianist
Pianist is a virtual piano for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Use it as a musical scratchpad when away from the studio, or as an instrument to jam with your friends. It allows you to record your tunes, and play them back later, and has a full 88 key piano keyboard.

3. Ocarina
Ocarina is the first true musical instrument created for the iPhone. Both experts and beginners will be amazed by this innovative player. Ocarina is sensitive to your breath, touch and movements, making it even more versatile than the original. Unlike other musical applications, there are no pre-compiled riffs so musicians will find unlimited opportunities for self-expression. Advanced options allow you to choose between diatonic, minor and harmonic scales.

4. iDrum
iDrum is available in different editions that feature sounds in different musical styles. Each edition includes 20 unique kits made up of dozens of patterns and samples!

5. DigiDrummer
DigiDrummer makes it easy and fun to play drums on your iPhone and iPod Touch. It features 12 different drumsets, 8 drumpads, and recording/playback function. The interface is designed for playing with your fingers in mind.
6. Touchgrind 1.0
Skate like a pro in this first real multi-touch skateboarding game ever.Just like in real skateboarding or fingerboarding, Touchgrind is a game of skill that takes 10 minutes to understand but weeks of lectures, boring meetings and family dinners to master. Learn the tricks and impress your buddies. The innovative finger controls together with true physics simulation let you pull off tricks like ollies, shuvits, kickflips, heelflips, impossibles, 5-0, 50-50, crooks, smithgrinds, boardslides, tailslides, darkslides etc in endless combinations. Built on experience from the massive hits Labyrinth and iPint, Illusion Labs now brings you this killer game that will keep you boarding for hours and hours.

7. Dropship
Pilot your Dropship, power-up your weapons and penetrate enemy caverns destroying turrets, tanks & Interceptors as you fight to Evac your stranded allies and retrieve the pod. Effect your daring escape with your cargo in tow dodging enemy fire, homing missiles with your vector thrust powered super ship.

8. Flick Fishing
Fully animated "living" environments combine with intuitive real-life controls to create the best fishing game available for any mobile device!

Cast the line with a flick of your wrist. With a skillful combination of bait, location, and technique you'll hook a fish -- now you just need to reel it in! Reel carefully to avoid snapping the line and losing your fish. Larger fish are strong, and won't be hauled in easily.

With 6 fishing locations, 9 types of bait and tackle, 12 tournaments and dozens of unique species of fish, Flick Fishing is an unrivaled fishing simulation, and just plain fun!

Play against your friends over the local Network, and show off your biggest catch via email using the built-in "Brag" feature.

9. Live Poker
The most popular poker game on Facebook and MySpace is now available on the iPhone. Compete online against 1.5 million daily players at the biggest texas hold'em casino on Facebook and MySpace.

10. Field Runners
Fieldrunners is a game developed by Subatomic Studios, exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform. Descend into the world of Fieldrunners, the most anticipated and visually stunning game in mobile Tower Defense history! Defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers in a limitless adventure, using a wide array of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air combatants! Hours of entertainment and replayable challenges! Enjoy a growing experience through free content updates! Do you have what it takes to dominate the fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defense master?

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