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Vista Transformation Pack on Windows XP

Basically this package will change your Windows XP to Windows Vista look and style.

Vista Transformation Pack feature include:

• Boot screen
• Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
• New msstyles files (visual styles)
• New desktop and file icons
• New toolbar icons
• Progress Dialogs
• Sounds scheme
• System Tray icons
• New Wallpapers
• Windows Media Player Skins

I have tested Vista Transformation Pack on my Windows XP machine and it really looks like Windows Vista. It’s hard to see the difference.

Look at my screenshot

By default Vista Transformation Pack will determine you system speed and apply certain visual setting so that it will not effect your system performance so much.

On my Windows XP machine,

Pentium 4 1.8GHz
Radeon 9250 (128MB)

Winflip and all the fancy effect were turned off by default. When I turn them on, my system become very slow and yes for sure I turn them off again.

I have read other people comment about this pack. Some people love it, other says it’s nothing while some people report their system become unstable.

Well , if you want to give Vista Transformation Pack a try,

Here’s the download page: Vista Transformation Pack

Here’s the download link : Vista Transformation Pack


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