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How to change or edit windows Vista Boot Manager entries

I was thinking of changing Vista Boot Manager entries. I’m a bit unhappy seeing “earlier version of windows” after make dual boot XP and Vista.

So, I launched Firefox and search for vista boot manager. The first search result was VistaBootPRO, A piece of software that was developed to make changes to the Windows Vista Boot Configuration Data (BCD) registry quickly and easily.

1. Download and install VistaBootPRO go get it. It’s free

2. Run VistaBootPRO – The first thing the software ask you to do is to backup your current BCD entries. Make sure you do this.

3. Change the vista boot entries -
- Click on Manage OS Entries and select an entry to enable options.
- Select “earlier version of windows”, then under OS Display Options -> Rename OS Entry, change the entry to whatever you want it to. You can change other entry if you want.
- Click on Apply Updates.

You’re done. Reboot your machine and notice the changes.

* If you have dual boot, you can run this software either from Windows XP or from Windows Vista.


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