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How to completely remove or uninstall megaupload toolbar from your pc....

This morning i installed megaupload toolbar in my pc. Well ...yes, it didn't limit any download slot but I don't like the way they change my firefox setting.
So.. here's what I do..
Uninstall megaupload toolbar from windows - go to add or remove programs and choose megaupload toolbar and click remove.

Uninstall from firefox Add-ons
- Tools-> Add-ons-> choose Megaupload and click uninstall. Restart firefox

You're done.

If you still want to use megaupload and use Firefox as your main browser, just proceed to 2nd step and use IE for megaupload.

The Credence Dot Com has more detail about megaupload toolbar....


  1. Glad you find it useful. And one more thing, you have a great blog. How did you got this template ? is it custom built ?

    If you want more tips than you can always check

    Hope to continue this conversation continue...


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I found that the megaupload really annoying and thank god I found your website.

    Actually it's a denim blogger template. I just change the sidebar background title color.

  3. Great tip it was really annoying me.

  4. Nice one, helped a little. Megaupload is crapyola

  5. Thanks ... Megaupload is horrible! Annoying too. I'm glad it's gone ^-^

  6. Hi. I need some help here.

    My Search & Destroy tells me using the Toolbar, it can infect through it. Problem is, I've uninstalled it ferom the Add or Remove and Addons ages ago, but it still shows it. Do I need CCLeaner to remove the registries? Thanks..

    Mail at