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Problem After Update To Global Stable to my Redmi Note 4

Problem After Update To Global Stable to my Redmi Note 4 and the annoying Mi Cloud Sync Notificaton.

Miui 9.5 Stable has made my  Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon become unresponsive.

For that reason I had reset my Redmi Note 4 to factory default.
After the reset, my  phone performs as expected, fast and responsive. But after awhile it become unresponsive again. Most of the time the phone had a 1 to 3 second delay to perform certain task.

My first option is ….
Downgrade to older rom. The older rom never had this problem.

As I started searching for how to downgrade my Redmi Note 4 to an older Miui rom, only at that point I realized that the boot loader is locked. And to unlocked Redmi Note 4 bootloader, I need to send request to Xiaomi and state my reason why I need my Redmi Note 4 unlocked.

So, whats next…
Later I was just guessing that it might some background processing that slows down my Redmi Note 4.
And I start by checking syncing items.
Setting-> Account -> Sync -> Mi Cloud.
For all syncing items under Mi Cloud, I turn off all of them. Surprisingly, after turning off Mi Cloud sync, my phone performs back to normal.

But, something else happened. 
I keep getting Sync to Mi Cloud notification. This is very annoying because the notification keep coming every hour.  After a few hours I just make a guest that maybe if I just sign out from  Mi Cloud, the notification could stop.
It’s Setting -> Account ->Mi Account -> Sign out. And yes, the notification stopped.
The next day… I sign in again to my Mi Account just to find out if the notification will appear again after signing in. And nope… the notification didn’t come back.
So I believe in my case, it is safe to say… To turn off Mi Cloud Sync notification, is:
1. Turn off all syncing.  And then…
2. Sign out and sign in again from Mi Account.


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