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Google Maps running at the background and draining my Xperia Mini Pro battery

I have been using Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro for almost a month. My first Android phone. For now, I think it's a good phone.

1 big issue I had encounter is google maps running at the background and consuming battery power more than the screen.

It was when I had fully charge my phone at 12 midnight and then leave it for a sweet dream. At 6am (after 6 hours), I notice that my Android phone has only 40% battery left. Checking at the battery usage, The maps process alone has taken most of the battery power.

So... after a few workaround I've manage identify and solve the batery issue caused by maps process.

Here's what I do to solve battery issue caused by maps process.

First go to  Latitude. Go to Setting and choose "Do not detect your location".
Then go to Latitude Setting again and choose "Sign out of Latitude".

Next, Goto phone "Setting",  "Location and Security" settings.
Under "Location and Security", disable "Use wireless networks" and disable also "Use GPS satellites".
When it's done, goto phone Setting -> Applications -> Running Services.
Find the running Maps process, tap on it and choose Stop to stop maps process.
You might need to repeat the stop process if there's multiple maps process running.

If you had a similar problem with your android phone battery, you can try the above method. It might not work on a different Android phone but I believe it's worth to try it.

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  1. This shouldn't be necessary. It's a bug in Google Maps since version 5.4 where it uses the GPS when it shouldn't. By the way, disabling all of those Latitude settings doesn't help. It still uses the GPS unless you force it off or kill the Maps process.