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How to add or embed Google Maps to Blogger blogspot or a web page.

Google maps is one of the most useful tool these days. You can search and locate almost any place using Google maps. You can then share those location using email, blog or web page.

Here's how to add or embed Google maps to Blogger Blogspot or a web page.

1. Open Google maps and search for address or location you want to embed.
2. Click on the Link text and then copy the HTML code. You can choose to customize the map size. Don't forget to copy the new customized HTML code.

3. Embed to Blogger Blogspot.
Create or edit a blog post and make sure you select the Edit HTML tab. Paste the Google maps HTML code and publish your post.

Adding or embedding Google maps to a web page is very straight forward. Just make sure you edit or create your web page in a plain text mode and past the HTML code at the appropriate place and you're done.