Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Samsung SIA-0100Q/0200Q Photoelectric Quad Beam Sensor

Various detection range and Fast response time
Composing of a Transmitter and Receiver.
Detects when the light beam is blocked from getting to the receiver from the transmitter.

SIA-0100Q/0200Q Photoelectric Quad Beam Sensor Features
Outdoor Quad Beam Sensor
4 way frequency selection
Against frost&dew (A.G.C)
Send the environment signal
15 steps LED indicator
Adjustable beam interruption period
FCC, CE approved
SIA-0100Q (Outdoor 100m)
SIA-0200Q (Outdoor 200m)

SIA-0100Q/0200Q Photoelectric Quad Beam Sensor Specifications
Detection Range: Outdoor 100m / Outdoor 200m
Alarm Output: NC/NO/COM
Response Time: 50 ~ 700ms
IP: IP55
Operation Temperature: -25 ~ +60°C
Dimension(mm): 103 x 399 x 96
Power Consumption: 75mA
Power Supply: 12VDC ± 15%
Recommended Application: Factory, Military.

4 way frequency selection
Users can prevent the confusion among beams, by setting a receiving
channel and a transmitting channel.

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