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Monitor Audio Radius 720 RAD720RH Slim-Profile Powered Subwoofer (Single, Rosemah)

 "To find a plasma speaker system that sounds this good and also looks so great remains an uncommon pleasure."
--Brent Butterworth, Digital TV & Sound

With the latest addition to the expanding Radius family, Monitor Audio demonstrates once again that you don’t need large, intrusive loudspeakers to bring true hi-fi performance to music and film. By any standards, the Monitor Audio Radius RAD720CH Subwoofer is a remarkable design, which proves that diminutive dimensions and dynamite performance are not mutually exclusive.

An evolution of the super-compact R360 subwoofer, it possesses the speed, subtlety and accuracy to enhance the highest quality music reproduction but delivers the power and slam demanded by movie soundtracks with an ease and authority unprecedented for its size. The R720’s twin downward-firing 8" treated paper cone drivers are mounted within a ported enclosure and controlled by a powerful built-in 250 watt amplifier.

Its versatile control settings make it the perfect partner for all Radius loudspeakers and ensure compatibility with most other speaker packages. Crossover control range is 40Hz -180Hz. Speaker level connections achieve optimum performance in a stereo audio system or in the absence of RCA outputs on the amplifier.

RCA stereo inputs and an LFE input are provided for connection to a two-channel amplifier or multi-channel home cinema receiver. An auto function switches the R720 on when an input signal is detected. And switches it off after approximately 15 minutes if no input signal is detected. As with all Radius products, build quality and finish are of the highest order.

Monitor Audio Radius RAD720CH Subwoofers cabinet is constructed from heavy duty MDF throughout, lending a weight and solidity that belie its svelte dimensions. The real wood veneer, satin and lacquer finishes, aluminium back plate and smooth-acting, rubberised controls are all part of the quality-led approach that sets Radius apart.


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