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How to configure and make a fake call with Samsung Wave GT-S8500

Most Samsung mobile phones include a fake call feature that allows you to simulate an incoming call. You can use this feature to excuse yourself from a meeting or create an interruption to end a conversation.

Configure Samsung Wave for Fake calls
You can configure the fake call features to sound more like an actual call by recording a voice message that will be played back when you answer the fake call. To make your fake call sound more authentic, have someone else record the voice message.

To configure the fake call feature,
1 In Idle mode, access Menu mode and open the setting menu.
2 Access the application setting menu.
3 Select the fake call function.
4 Select whether or not to play a fake call voice when receiving a fake call. Your setting is saved automatically.
5 If you choose to use a fake voice, record a voice memo to play back when receiving a fake call.

Initiate a fake call
To simulate an incoming call, press and hold the appropriate key (the Volume key down or Navigation key down). You may need to set a shortcut key for fake calls using the shortcut setting in the phone setting menu. See your phone user
Within a few seconds, you will receive a fake incoming call, which you can accept or reject.

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