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iPod Nano Users Manual, Users Guide, Features Guide and Safety Guide.

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Apple iPod Nano is one of the most successful music player from Apple. The last generation of iPod Nano is not just an audio player. It also a movie player, digital camera, a radio, and a digital voice recorder. Not forget the capability to monitor our fitness progress.

iPod Nano features a 2.2 inch TFT color display. It display movie or recorded video nicely. The VGA camera is capable on recording up to 30fps VGA video with H.264 compression format.

It comes with 8GB or 16GB flash drive that could store almost 4000 songs (on the 16GB iPod Nano).

iPod Nano Specifications
Click here for iPod Nano specifications

iPod Nano Users Manual, Users Guide, Features Guide and Safety Guide.
Here are the list of iPod Nano User Guide from the 1st generation of iPod Nano to fifth generation of iPod Nano. You can download and view iPod Nano users guide or user manual on the following link.
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iPod nano - Features Guide


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