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FakeTv - Cheap and effective way to deter burglars while you are away.

Burglary is getting more and more serious today. Most of the time it happened while you were away.

As an additional, If you need a cheap and effective solution to tell burglars that you're at home watching tv while actually you're away,

Get a FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Charcoal....

"FakeTV is a burglar deterrent that recreates the light of real HDTV television. FakeTV's super-bright LEDs fill a room with light in thousands of possible shades of color. FakeTV simulates scene changes, fades, swells, and and on-screen motion. From outside, it looks just like someone is home watching TV."

FakeTv features:
FakeTv produces the light of a 27 inch LCD TV
FakeTv uses a built-in computer to control super-bright LEDs to produce light
FakeTv emulate the light effects of real television programming
FakeTv uses inbuilt light sensor to automatically turn on when it's dark
FakeTv uses inbuild timer to automatically turned off after selectable 4 or 7 hours.
FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Charcoal

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  1. Making your home look and sound occupied while you are away is a good prevention step. I use fakeTV (, light timers, burglar deterrent CD ( as burglar deterrents. Also, there are free web cam programs for monitoring.