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5 reason why Wireless alarm is better than wired alarm

Choosing an intruder alarm system for your home is crucial. Ether it's wireless or wired, you still have to think wisely. If you still didn't make any decision. Here's something to consider. The 5 reason why Wireless alarm systems is better than wired alarm systems.

1. Easier and faster installation - Wireless alarm system doesn't require cabling or cabling from sensor to main controller. You can save you wall from drilling and hacking.

2. Much more easier to relocate - Wireless alarm system make it easier for you or installer to relocate your wireless sensor

3. When you moved, it goes with you - Wireless alarm system can be easily removed and taken with you when you move.

4. Cheaper installation cost - Wireless alarm system is easy to install. Even the professional installer will charge you much much less than wired installation.

5. It's flexible - Wireless alarm system allows you to add an additional sensor easier and faster than adding more wiring


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