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using Celcom PostPaid (3G) sim card with Digi USB E1550 HSDPA Broadband modem

How to surf using Celcom PostPaid with Digi USB E1550 HSDPA Broadband modem

Honestly, I think this would be a complicated process. While actually it's a very straight forward process.

First.. remove Digi Internet sim card from and Digi USB E1550 HSDPA Broadband modem and slot in Celcom PostPaid (3G) sim card.

- Connect Digi USB E1550 HSDPA Broadband modem to PC.
- Run DiGi Internet software.
- Click on Tool -> Options -> Profile Management

Under Dial-Up
- Click New and type in a new profile name. eg: Celcom3G
- Click Static radio button under APN and type celcom3g for APN name
- Leave #99* for Access Number.
- Click OK

- Back to connection screen.
- Choose Celcom3G profile name and click Connect.

I did a speed test on Celcom Broadband with Digi USB E1550 HSDPA Broadband modem this morning.Speed wise, speedtest.net gives quite impressive result. But on consistency, I'll wait for a few days.


  1. is this really work? coz i need to change my digi to celcom. if this really work then i can save my money. but one question, how much the simcard for postpaid celcom? :p

  2. It's working without problem. I pay RM50 for Celcom Exec 50 and you can use it once activated.

  3. it doesnt work for me lah..using digi huawei e1550 usb modem. when i change to celcom 3g sim card, it says need to register to network. when i put back my digi broadband it says the same thing. any idea how to resolve?tq

  4. How to connect the internet for more than one PC with one broadband modem ?

  5. how do i remove digi sim?