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Download Windows Live Movie Maker (Movie Maker 7)

For quite sometimes, Windows Movie Maker has make some Windows XP and Windows Vista users life easier. Although with limited functionality, Windows Movie Maker can complete movie editing job easily.

Unfortunately, the brand new Windows 7 has somehow avoided Windows Movie Maker. Why? It must be for some reason.

Well..forget about the reason. Windows Movie Maker is now called Windows Live Movie Maker and available for download at no additional charges. It is available under Windows Live Essential Desktop package together with Window Live Messenger, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Toolbar and Windows Live Family Safety.

To download window Live Movie Maker,

go to or

You will need to download Windows Live Installer first. Later Windows Live Installer will prompt and allow you to select which application to download. Selecting only Windows Live Movie Maker will automatically requires you to download Windows Live Photo Gallery. You can then proceed to download and install Windows Live Movie Maker.

It will take less that 20 minutes to for the whole process to complete. If you have extra time and patient, you can choose the install the whole applications which is just below 200MB.

Well .. that's about it.

Now if you wish download the complete Offline Windows Live Installer, you can do that at

First - click the Download link. Just ignore to download the online installer. Notice that the Download link text has changed to Try Again.
Then - Click on the Try Again to download the windows Live Standalone Installer.

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